Good Morning, Monday!

Hi Everyone! I’m Lo, a Las Vegas native living in a sweet little studio in the charming Nob Hill neighborhood of San Francisco with my boyfriend, Brendan, and our fur baby Charlee.

Brendan & I have been dating for eight years & basically have a common law marriage in the state of California. I adore this guy & he is truly my better half. We decided to start our own little family two years ago when we got Charlee. She is a seven pound white fluffy q tip, that I have a million names for. Regardless, she is the love of my life after Brendan & Gunner (my blind Yorkie) & she will I’m sure be a frequent flyer here!

Ever since I can remember I have had a growing passion for all aspects of creative design. This passion pushed me to pursue my dreams of going to design school. I graduated from the Academy of Art University with a degree in Fashion Design while also being an artist-athlete.

I currently work downtown in the Financial District of San Francisco, where there is a constant feeling like the world is going to collapse which is oddly a feeling I love… Weird I know, but I’ve always been one of those people to do better under pressure.  I love all the hustling & chaos downtown has to offer + there’s a Philz Coffee one street away, I mean can it seriously get any better!

Honestly, I am really just trying to figure out life one day at a time & I’m looking forward to exploring this new chapter for myself with my little family.

I started The Forever & Always at a time in my life where I felt I had an empty space. I always knew I wanted to create beautiful things. As a young girl it was Barbie clothes for my sisters and I that sewed on my great grandma’s ancient sewing machine & bedazzling my jeans with GEMbroidery…Yeah remember that, I rocked that thing!

Then it was getting into design school where I would be tested to all my limits.

The real Project Runway actually takes place in the Academy of Art University’s fashion department they just don’t tell you that. P. S. everything you see on TV, yeah imagine that times ten it’s literally insane! I somehow managed to not lose my mind completely and graduated in May 2014.

 In October after going back & forth with a friend I decided why not, I’m going to create a blog. I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m eager to learn & grow through this new creative process.

I’m not sure I’m a fashion blogger, beauty blogger, or lifestyle blogger but simply a girl looking for my own little slice of heaven outside of reality that I can unleash my life, inspiration, & creativity by sharing my passion & drive for all things beautiful through photography & words.

This blog is a reflection of me & my life. The Forever & Always is a little bit of everything but ultimately a place I can document the things I love while trying to maintain & find the balance between relationships, work, fashion, beauty, health, fitness, & everything in between.