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The time is flying by, but this is one of my favorite seasons of the year so I’m not complaining! Now that it’s almost officially spring, that means a new handbag is so necessary. I would definitely consider myself a bag lover as I have such a sweet spot for a beautiful new handbag. Every season I find myself wanting to upgrade and spend a bit more money on a handbag that’s worth the quality that will carry me through without completely breaking the bank for a designer name. There are some absolutely stunning options out there right now which made it so hard to narrow down my selections. Here is a pretty Spring wish list that is both classic and unique and definitely worth the price.

Three of my favorites for Spring are the cross-body bag, the bucket bag and the classic satchel. Over the past year, I’ve realized that I always gravitate towards large handbags and always end up grabbing a tote. This season I’m stepping away from the tote and considering a smaller-medium size bags. I know I currently use my cross-body bags a lot for running errands or going out with friends so a new addition for the season is definitely needed. The satchel is always a wardrobe staple and would be my number one choice for work bag other than my large totes. I still have yet to buy a bucket bag, but really love the size and style and know I could use it for my daily casual looks.

I always look for a more classic style that I know I’ll continue to use for years to come. But I love finding a handbag that can be more of a statement accessory as well. These are my favorite handbags paired with some Spring inspired shoes for the new season. All these options are in various shapes and sizes, colors and textures, but are at every price point and all under $500 with many being under $300.

I’m trying to decide which one to get and which bag would be most practical for the season! Which handbag and shoes are your favorite?!

I am currently lusting over this Chloe bag, this dreamy Phillip Lim satchel, and this Valentino tote. If money weren’t an issue, which designer item would you love to make yours?

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